Day two Charlotte Buch

Day two …

We had arranged for breakfast at 8.30 assuming we would be tired, but the excitement was to much and we both had ideas and q’s running around in our heads and were up very early. We talked nothing but felt over breakfast and when we arrived there were already a couple of felters there.

We got stuck in. I set about making more plain samples to put to rest my confusion over stretch and shrink. Charlotte had asked us to cut samples 15 x 30 stretch them to 30 x 30 and then felt them. In the first instance they should shrink 10 percent, once fulled they should be close to the original size. This worked for me when the sample was cut from the roll in one direction , but not the other way. For me this posed Q’s. Wouldn’t the pieces need to be cut from the roll in one direction? Otherwise the pattern would need to be cut differently?

We had a short sit down talk to discuss q’s built up on the first day. Some people were struggling to understand scale and Charlotte spent time explaining as well as having others help explain.

trying to get my head around the different shrinkage

trying to get my head around the different shrinkage


We set to again. Charlotte had patterns with her which were already enlarged for us to use. We all took time to look again at the samples of  her work she had brought with her. Some were made using the patterns she had brought. It was great to be able to see, touch and enjoy her work first hand. This spurred us on feeling inspired. patternI took all day to work on my samples. They were very plain and so I won’t show you as they are not exciting at all. But here are a few pictures of other peoples work. Beautiful explorations pieces using both texture and colour.

dump 22.06.09 373 dump 22.06.09 379 dump 22.06.09 380 dump 22.06.09 383 dump 22.06.09 385

We stopped for lunch and discussed being in a creative business. Making a living, being ripped off or having your designs ripped off. It was lovely to get to know other felters and share or experiences. The sun was shining (unlike Monday where we had thunder and lightening) and it was very relaxed.

In the afternoon we had to have an idea of what we intended to make . Most people chose to make a jacket and we all had to know how much needle felt we would need. This was quite stressful. A lot of us hadn’t got our head around our samples and what ratio we would be working in. There was no coloured pongee which was disappointing. it limited choices, but sometimes it is good to have limits.

I started to work on exploring designs for my jacket. I knew I was going to make something quite plain , but wanted to work a bit with the pattern. I have always wanted a pixie hooded jacket and so that was the first thing to get added. I fancied different sleeves and so I measured  it out on the pattern given by Charlotte. It was so big because of the 1:6 scale. I had to cut it out on the floor. Thank goodness for the wonderful space we were working in.

I played with different designs for the rest of the day. My blisters were fine and so I didn’t feel the need to rush off.

Winghams made us welcome at their shop in the evening. It was amazing, well worth a visit. dump 22.06.09 412We then went to eat at a local pub in Wentworth called ‘George and the dragon’ It was a wonderful evening chatting and getting to know each other.

Red2white and I headed back to work on our samples. We left at ten – I was really tired and Red2white was too. We asked to get our breakfast earlier and headed to bed. I was really missing my dogs and night time is strange without them.


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