Rockness Temp Job

As you all know I was working at Rockness. I was there through a temp company.

They first placed me with a catering company I had worked with last year. They were terrible and so I was reluctant, but assured they were better. They are called QUALITY CATERING.   Qc.

It is important that you remember the name as I can not stress enough how much you should not…NOT eat from them. I managed to work 3 hours in their Aberdeen Angus burger van and then had to stop. There were a few minor things which made it hard work, but I could put up with it..

  • No training. Nothing. No guidance at all. Myself and another temp girl had to keep asking and were treated as if we were being stupid.
  • Fudging things for the Health and Hygiene
  • Broken and useless equipment
  • No checking temperatures, then when this was pointed out by H&H we just made it up!
  • Handling food without gloves and handling money with the same hands.
  • No one washed their hands!!!
  • Being made to cut up rotten- yes actually soggy rotten unions to sit in warm water for hours waiting to be served.

I could go on and on. But the final straw was when Sherie ( I don’t know if that is how you spell it) the ‘manager’ of our van ( and all the one on our side of the site- the hot dog stand etc) cooked off burgers and then put them BACK into the box where the RAW MEAT had come from.

I am going to repeat that as I really feel people should know….. Cooked meat back into the raw meet box.

Then set it down on the shelf at the floor. Yuk.

I stared at it in amazement. The other temp had already walked out due to the way we were being treated and because of the lack of proper hygiene . I mother then came and bought two burgers for her child and I suddenly thought of her in a tent for three days – shared toilets 100m away with two kids. Not where you want to be with food poisoning and so I left. I told them why and they were indignant.

During the weekend two other workers walked because of health and hygiene.

So that was Quality Catering from Glasgow. They are providing the food at our local Highland games…..Yuk. Just give the vans with Qc, Angus burger, Hot dog and dip a wide berth.

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