Charlotte Buch Workshop.

I adore felt in all its guises, wet, 3D, wearable, art, nuno, fusion, lamination etc. But I LOVE felt when it is clean and contemporary.

Charlotte’s work is wonderful. The designs are perfect, well thought out and well balanced. The finish is excellent. Need I go on?

I have her booklet ‘How to make felt for clothing’ and found it inspirational.

Then I found out she was giving a workshop in England and I really wanted to go. One catch, I am so busy at work I knew I wouldn’t take time off. I hate saying no, I find it hard to turn down work and so I just fantasised about it. That was until Red2white called. I was over the moon and booked it ASAP.

We both travelled by Megabus which was unbelievably cheap and stayed at a B&B in Elsecar where the event was taking place.

I was working at Rockness until Sunday afternoon and left straight to the bus station to catch my train at 7pm arriving at Sheffield at 3.30 am. It was busy on the bus and so sleep was impossible, but I was excited about the workshop and had a great book, so it flew by.

I then took the 7am train from Sheffield to Elsecar ready to start the workshop. Quick wash and change and I was ready for anything…….


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