I am sorry for my silence. My computer is broken and it will be weeks until it is fixed. I am having to grab time on other peoples or go to the library. Not ideal.

To add insult to injury my brand new phone has been playing up. I have just got it back for the second time from repair.

So sorry for the silence.

I am going to announce the Button winner just now too. If I wait until I can upload the dog video then Christmas may have come and gone.

Pat Little

You are now the proud owner of hese funky chunky buttons by McAnaraks. Etsy here. For those of you who can’t resist a big button.

This will be the last for me until Saturday 20th. I am off to a Charlotte Buch workshop in Yorkshire. I am so so excited.

My excitement is threefold:-

  1. I am going with red2white. There is no one I would rather go with. Her exploration of fibres and technical abilities are inspirational. Added to that she is just a beautiful person. I am looking forward to spending time with her.
  2. We are 1 mile from the Wingham woolworks shop. I may burst a blood vessel just thinking about it!
  3. 4 days of felt making. Meeting Charlotte. Learning new things. Practising old things. Meeting other felters. Being away from home.

I know I cheated. But be thankful I could go on and on and on and on………..


One thought on “Silence

  1. :D, Thank you, Joni!!! I am looking forwad to being with you too, we have got a lot to catch up with, don’t we?
    point 2) there is no cash machine in the village (i just found out…), don’t forget to bring English money 🙂
    See you very soon!

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