Free Draw- Those big buttons again- chance to win

By now you must be thinking I am obsessed….. and I am. The amazing funky big button people ( well lots of different size buttons, but its the big’un I like) have gone all modern and got an etsy.


To celebrate this amazing event I have two beautiful buttons to give away to some lucky button lover.

But nothing is that simple, first you have to know your buttons.


Just email your answers to these four simple questions by 2pm Sunday 17th May and all the correct answers will be put on a dog snack in the park. The first dog snack eaten will be the winner.


1. Which group of people would never wear a button?

2. What team is the fastest Button on?

3. What is a button in America?

4. What are the McAnarak buttons made off?

The video of the dog snack prize draw will be posted along with the winner on Sunday at 4PM. I will post them anywhere in the world.

Good luck.

No dogs will be harmed during this contest.

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