family day

Oh my day is off to a bad start. Didn’t get up until 8.52!!! Shocking. So now I am all over the place. I usually get up around 6 and love the time between 6+8. But I was so tired after working yesterday. I am starting to worry I might not get my energy back.

Enough of that though. Yesterday was the Family day I was taking part in.

Initially I was asked to do 30 of everything. Crafts for on the day and packs for families to take home. The packs contained chalk eggs, coloured pasta and rainbow wheels. On the day we made fimo pens and dragons eggs.

On monday I was told we had just 7 families signed up, but S + D worked thier magic and by Tuesday afternoon we had 30 adults and 46 kids coming. So more egg blowing and pack making – frantically on Tuesday night.

So we set up with no time to spare and were told by the headmaster there were now 40 families signed up.  40. I had 40 covered pens, but thank fully I had gone to Asda to get 5 packs more to stock up my stash. I had 45 blown eggs  and some extra tissue for rainbow wheels – Just in case.

I didn’t get time to take proper photos and really wish I had taken a big shot of the hall packed to the gunnel’s.

I think the pens are truly amazing. Great work.

It was so busy.  There were 76 pens used and 75 eggs.

That is a lot of making!  It used every piece of fimo I owned and a really great teacher went and bought more eggs. ( Yukky as we didn’t have time to blow them……………)

I learn’t alot working with such a high volume.  But I am bushed.


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