eggs is eggs

p15-04-09_1849012Today’s bite size activity is egg blowing. I always buy local farm free range organic eggs. They are lovely eggs and nearly £2 for six. I don’t think this is excessive, but when I have to blow 60 and possibly throw away a lot of the egg ( My partner hates eggs so there is only so much I can eat, bake etc) I didn’t have the budget for it, Kev was going mental about spending £20 on eggs to throw them away. I just couldn’t do it though – buy eggs from chickens who didn’t run free. I just couldn’t and wouldn’t. I decided to speak to a friend about a bulk buy from a local farm.

Kev appeared home having taken matters into his own hands. He had purchased 3 trays of 15 eggs at £1.89. BUT…… he came home complaining about feeling dirty. He said he had felt ashamed buying the low cost eggs because of the way they are produced and would not be doing it again. I felt a little smug that I had managed to convert that tiny bit of him to my ‘hippy pish’ ways.

I wasn’t smug for long as I had to blow the 45 eggs. I don’t mind blowing eggs, but these were vile. Now I know some will say I would think that being a ‘farm and free’ kinda girl. But truly they were disgusting. Some like water and some ……actually I shan’t describe it as I want you to be able to eat your tea.

They may be egg like, but they were not eggs.

I am blowing them for dragons eggs….

dsc010611Another easy but great fun craft activity.

I am tired now and off to bed.


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