dog bath

I couldn’t resist. What a cutie.   But she’s not amused.


3 thoughts on “dog bath

  1. I am not sure baths and Westies mix real well. But I do know one thing. You better duck when they get out of the tub and start shaking the water off. It is like your morning shower all over again.

    • lol. I agree. we try to do a good cop bad cop thing and good cop waits with a towel and a snack. (See photo three) But it usually ends with everyone wet and she dries herself as you described – on the sofa. (see photo four) and then a look of aloof revenge. (see photo five)

  2. We walk near a pond quite often and sometimes we have around 13 dogs taking a dip. You have to remain very vigilent for ‘the shake’.

    Love the photos – your Westie is adorable.

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