Oh my – the boredom

Oh my- I am so bored.

I am just watching TV and surfing the web. I have twittered until I have nothing left to say.  ‘CAUSE I AM DOING NOTHING.

Wow. This is a real lesson in ‘being careful what you wish for………………………………’

I so wanted time to myself and time to blog. I was not specific enough, I also wanted to be able to do stuff to blog about, but assumed that when given time it would naturally include felting.

From tomorrow I am going to find ways to enjoy my ‘resting’.

I was going to ‘highland Feltmakers group’ . It is a group of local felt lovers who meet and support each other in their felting en-devours.  They have a fantasticaly diverse membership and welcoming for everyone with an interest in felt.

I haven’t been in possibly a year. I was really looking forward to seeing Red2white as we are going on a trip and have lots to sort. More about that later.I feel really bad letting them down. I hate letting anyone down.

I was looking forward to doing something creative, but that will have to wait now.  I have to deliver a workshop on Wednesday which- ill or no – I can’t miss. So I have to save ALL my energy for that.

So your reward for actually reading this far through all my ranting and drivel is


2 thoughts on “Oh my – the boredom

  1. Hi Joni, very interesting! I feel like this sometimes. I LONG for time to be creative and then so easily get over-whelmed by the big picture and how much there is to do. Baby steps are my lesson in life. Bit by bit . . .

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