You tube and other wastes of time

I am so bored that I went to you tube to watch other people making felt. There is a lot of it out there, some great and some………….

I love making felt balls and so I got into a felt ball tutorial groove. I think I have watched 12 ? What is amazing is that no two people did it the same. Elements were there- wool, soap and water. Rubbing and rolling.  But there seems to be so so many ways to make a simple ball.

I also looked at various Nuno and wet felting tutorials.  I hoped to stumble upon something new, but gave up as I got bored looking.

I am in fact putting off writing a tender/bid for a local project which is perfectly do-able despite my fuzzy head and throat.

I am not great at these things and leave them until last minute. Once I finally get into it I really enjoy  it. I then wish I had given myself more time to work on it and get it just so.

I think I have just talked myself into doing it…BYE.


2 thoughts on “You tube and other wastes of time

  1. Hi John,

    I was just looking for tutorials on felt when I came across your blog in a Google search! I love YouTube! It sure beats paying $100 and up for a class and some of the videos are clear enough that one can go and get started right away. I make jewelry, and use YouTube all the time to build on my techniques. You never know, what could seem like a waste of time just might pay off. If you know Etsy then you know that selling there can be hard, so every edge you can get helps. I incorporate some fiber into my work already, but am very intrigued with how felting is used in jewelry. It looks like it’s possible to make just about any shape with it, and I love the gradients some people use, so I’m in the process of researching how that is done.

    My shop on Etsy is

    It looks like from the picture above that you do glasswork. I’ll have to go check out your shop!

    • Thank you for your great comment. You are right! at the time being ill I didn’t look up to see that is is as you say… A gift of time for research and nourishment. Thank you.
      I love your work. And I too am a dog lover. I respect what you are doing for other dog lovers. Blessings

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