Fimo therapy

Ill again today. I could hardly lift my head this morning and I usually rise at six.

But as the sun moved over I shifted my bones and as I couldn’t do much else I played with FIMO.

I made a skinner blend with orange and pink. Ohhhh how I love that combo.

I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it, but just went with the flow.

I have just purchase teeny tiny cutters from ebay and they made the cutest little cut outs.

I am taking a workshop with a school next week and one of the craft projects we will be doing is fimo pens. Kids love it and so do I.

So I thought I best have a quick refresher.

Then I used the left over skinner blend with some transparent white.  I could have worked on it a little more, but got tired and impatient.


Any one else love Fimo?

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