Blog catch up

I have the lurgie.

I am bed bound and so I am grabbing the chance to post all the stuff I have been gathering , meaning to post.

So firstly Here are some photos of items made by some of my clients at work.

These are fantasy flowers made using fantasy film

Aren’t they fun? If you have never tried fantasy film you really should. Its not art or craft……………its just fantasy film. But you can make some very realistic flowers with it or do as we did and just go wild.



2 thoughts on “Blog catch up

  1. Absolutely love the flowers you made with fantasy film. You are so clever.
    Thankyou for being the first person to leave a comment on my new blog
    love sarah XXX

    • oh.I would love to claim the creative glory, but it was the girls at my loose ends group who made them. You are right , they are clever!
      Hope you enjoy blog land.

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