Amazing source for art/craft materials

I just wanted to share a great source for arts/crafts materials.

Colour Craft Ltd.

A while back I needed several batik frames for a workshop and was hoping to buy them locally. I try to buy as much as I can locally, but it can be difficult. Often they don’t have the number I require ( And never seem to be able to order them) or they are very pricy.

The prices were very high and  so I surfed around and found this site. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and dropped them a quick email thinking it would take days to get an answer, but no.

I had an answer the almost immediately and the frames were a THIRD of anything else I saw locally and half the price of Fibrecraft. Amazing.

The service I received was super fast – 3 days and it was here with no extra charges for living in the highlands or express delivery.

So I needed something again this week. I looked locally and could only find it in one place in tiny amounts – so I would have to by lots. Checked colour craft and one quick email with super quick reply and it is on its way.


They are really worth a look. Especially if you work with kids as the glitter comes in a rainbow of colours in huge shakers at amazing prices.

Thanks colour craft!


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