Easter crazy

I thought I would share some of the things I get paid to do. Yes paid to play!!!

I   with a school on a supported project. We will have a couple of hours crafting next Thursday and the themes I have to work with are EASTER and EGGS.

I am trying to encourage Dads to come and share the fun as 99% of the time it is Mums who attend. With this in mind I have chosen 2 egg themed projects with one being more Dad friendly. I want to show Dads how crafts don’t have to be sewing and glitter. That it is a great way to get to know your kids and build positive connections and memories.

Project 1 you will all know already – Needle felting around a polystyrene egg shape.  I know most of the girls will love this and the Mums will enjoy it too.

Project 2 is stretching the egg / Easter thing a little……well completely but…..Dragons Easter eggs. This project requires low melt glue guns and look awesome. Both boys and girls love making them and I think they will appeal to Dads.

Dragons egg

Its not the best picture as its in the kitchen lighting and taken on my phone. ( no DSLR yet – sob)

This is so so easy to do. The only hard part has been blowing 30 eggs – arg.

I am running out of things to Cook /bake with eggs. We have had pancakes for breakfast for days. I never thought the day would come when I didn’t think pancakes were wonderful at breakfast, but I’m there now.

So these are the two projects for on the day. The adults and children have to work as a team. There are instructions written out to follow and we  encourage positive praise going both ways – adult to child and child to adult.

The family that works best as a team, sharing and supporting each other gets a prize.

You would be surprised at the number of families where the children just get on with something and the adult gets on with there’s. No communication.

Or some times the adult takes over – for fear of it ‘getting mucked up’, because they enjoy doing it and forget its for the child, or because they don’t know how to give positive praise and end up fighting. – This is what some of my job is, to give the family tools to work together. Skills to share and support each other. Some times teach them new language skills to praise and give positive feedback. Often my parents didn’t get that from their parents and they are keen and open to learning. More often than not they don’t even know they are not doing things positively and don’t know the effect it is having on their child.

I hope this then spreads into other areas – home work, chores etc.

At the end each family gets a craft goody bag with 3 or 4 craft projects. I make the projects as cheap as possible. Crafts should be fun and kids should be free to learn with out fear of waste. ( although I deeply believe they should respect materials) I often think the fear of failure stems from not being allowed to make mistakes or at least explore was of problem solving.

Some of the parents have several kids. It can be very expensive to buy craft kits & materials when you have more than two children. I try to keep each craft to under 50p. a lot of they craft I show them are from items they already have in the cupboard. I love those.

So in this Easter eggxtravaganza goody bag they have an Easter Egg pinata, rainbow wheels for windows and my favourite…….egg shaped chalk.  Just plaster & powder paint mixed with water and poured into an egg. Works a treat. So I have another 30 eggs to blow.

Rock cakes and banana loaf to make and probably scrambled egg and queche.

My dogs have never been so shiny and well fed.

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