One step forward and two back

What a couple of days.

I am working through in Elgin twice a week for a while and needed to get a few things ready. I had to design a poster and write guides for others to follow.

The week started great , but then it all started to unravel.

I spent a day designing a sort of logo. It needed to translate to black and white. Be A5 and A3.

Then we had a visitor. Our sons friend hurt his back and has come to stay until it is better….. he lives in digs and they wouldn’t let him stay during the day!!! Even though he had hurt his back. Terrible.

So, as you can imagine, I had to get a room ready and get in supplies….etc ….etc.  Getting anything done has been hard as he is in alot of pain and bored………….

Today I needed to get the posters finalised and off to Elgin, but found it hard to focus.  I was late getting them done and then in my panic to get them mailed it just wouldn’t send. MORE HURRY _ LESS SPEED.

I now have that feeling , like I haven’t done my home work. I hate it and will feel terrible about it for days.

I am my own worst enemy at times.

poster-north1I didn’t write the words  – they are Susan’s. I tied writing it in different ways – making the descriptions ‘punchier’ etc . But it was too much to take in. There was no need.

The way it is written is perfect.

I hope its what they need……….


2 thoughts on “One step forward and two back

  1. Ah, Joni, we all feel like this sometimes! I like the logo very much! And you can have a good feeling that you are helping someone in need, admiring really, to give a shelter to a stranger!

    • You are right. thank you for your words.
      I really enjoyed having him and where else was he to go? but sometimes I just wish I could say no and not feel terrible.
      That will be my goal for this year.

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