There is another Makers Day this week. I am really looking forward to it.

It is in Findhorn at the Moray Arts Centre. 10 am . Details are on the Hi-arts website. You have to book a place, but it is free.

Well worth a visit even if its just to meet other makers and a few people in the know at hi-arts, HIE etc.

Hope to see you there.


Where does the time go?

It’s nearly February and I have  barely registered January.  It has flown by… it the same for you?

In the last month everything has changed so much for me. I have been promoted in the work I do for Moray council and I love it. All the stresses with retail and work last year seem distant.

I have given up my studio – I was barely there and the rent was going up, so now I am on the hunt for a shed/summer house type thingy for the garden. This will be so much better as I can be with my lovely dogs in my shed which I couldn’t do at the studio.

Also a security firm/dept collection agency had moved into the unit below me, putting up really depressing and slightly intimidating posters posters about fruad and payment chasing. They also put up a camera and having seen some of there staff I felt uneasy at being filmed ……………..with out my permission or any one who chose to visit. So that was a big influence on my thinking.

Funnily enough they have now done a runner – without paying there rent or rates….mmmm. I knew I didn’t like the look of them.

My son has moved out wish is sad in many ways, but does free up some head space.

My family had such a terrible two years 2007 and 2008. Moving into 2009 feels free and full of oppertunity. I know everyone is going on about the ‘credit crunch’ etc. There is an air of doom at times, but I feel slightly excited. I am hoping it will be a return to more frugal times. Thrifty goings on, crafty awakenings, home cooking and recycling.

I am grippy at heart and love to save, re-use or make where I can. Perhapes ( as my partner tells me ) I am in a state of denial or being overly ‘peppy’ about it. But so be it.

I would love to hear how everyone else feels about the turn of the new year and the current situation if you have the time.

My next post will be creative ……………………I promise.

One step forward and two back

What a couple of days.

I am working through in Elgin twice a week for a while and needed to get a few things ready. I had to design a poster and write guides for others to follow.

The week started great , but then it all started to unravel.

I spent a day designing a sort of logo. It needed to translate to black and white. Be A5 and A3.

Then we had a visitor. Our sons friend hurt his back and has come to stay until it is better….. he lives in digs and they wouldn’t let him stay during the day!!! Even though he had hurt his back. Terrible.

So, as you can imagine, I had to get a room ready and get in supplies….etc ….etc.  Getting anything done has been hard as he is in alot of pain and bored………….

Today I needed to get the posters finalised and off to Elgin, but found it hard to focus.  I was late getting them done and then in my panic to get them mailed it just wouldn’t send. MORE HURRY _ LESS SPEED.

I now have that feeling , like I haven’t done my home work. I hate it and will feel terrible about it for days.

I am my own worst enemy at times.

poster-north1I didn’t write the words  – they are Susan’s. I tied writing it in different ways – making the descriptions ‘punchier’ etc . But it was too much to take in. There was no need.

The way it is written is perfect.

I hope its what they need……….

Wow – technology

I am writing this feeling amazed. I have no land line…………….none. Yet here I am connected to the web and writing and posting.

We have moved to mobile broadband as it is so so much cheaper for us. ( no land line rental for a start. We are so rarely in that we never gave out our land line anyway)

I am still trying to get my head around it, but basically I can take my internet anywhere.


My son is rolling his eyes and acts as if I am from the dark ages, but I can’t help it. WOW. We have had wireless for quite a long time – that also blew my mind at the time, but to be able to take my laptop to ANYWHERE.

I am really looking forward to this year. I have such a good feeling about it and can’t wait to get stuck in.

I am writing a piece for Hi-arts just now which I am really enjoying. I am about to start work again with Moray Council – which I love so so much.

I am going to start yoga this year ASAP.  oh I could go on and on with all the plans I have…………………………Yippeeee