Winter wonderland

The weather is so frosty just now.  At points yesterday it was -6 .  I live on the third floor and the view has been breath taking.

I have tried to catch some of it in photos, but I am not the best photographer and they are taken on my phone then  merged  in adobe.merge-copy3

The photo doesn’t do the sky justice. The slither of light over the hills was amazing.

This is the first time in a very very long time I was not working on boxing day……………wow.

So I thought I would go to the sales to see what all the fuss was about.  I have worked in retail most boxing days and just could see why people got in such a lather.Its only clothes and stuff after all.

I went in at 8am and it all seemed a bit of a damp squib other than the LUSH sale.

LUSH……..there were two groups of people in the queue before us at 8.30am. We waited  and waited.  Then at 8.50 they opened the door and the queue let out a cheer. It was quite exciting.

The queue surged forward and and some people even RAN.

We raced in ( not running) and grabbed an excellent bargain. It was a total rush.

I was delighted with my purchase and the slightly crazed feeling I had through it all and so think I might do it again next year ( If here).

This is the very cheerful queue.


And this is me ….tired after all that shopping ( I bought two things)



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