Trend book.

If you remember last Thursday I was of f to view the ‘trend book’ at HIE. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to pour over the pages of fabric and colours predicted for next winter. 2009/10.

You can imagine how I felt when I was then called in to work at the shop. It is very hard at my part-time work just now and so I really shouldn’t moan, but it is supposed to be just that…… part-time. And at £6.18 p/h it is not really worth more than that.

But thank fully there is an amazing woman at the shop and she held fort while I dashed up. It wasn’t the relaxed grazing I had planned, no sketching or lengthy note taking. But I did get there and I took a lot of photo copies. Colour not great. I also got brilliant little samples of the colours so it doesn’t matter to much about the photo copies.

I would love to post some of it here. But I think I would be in huge trouble. But should any one wish to look over my stash it will be at my studio. Just email me.

What I can tell you…..

Embellishment is big. embroidery and ‘crafty’ details are big. cable knit is literally big- huge chunky cable. fine layers with chunky knits. sheer fabrics with tiny textures and folds. did I say layers – layers layers layers.

Two main things going on in materials- natural as possible or technically advanced.

It was yummy.

I was very grateful to HIE & Gillian for allowing us FREE access to the book. There is another viewing and presentation at the beginning of next year.

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