I am a bebo-er, if that is what you call it. I love sharing photos and catching up with distant friends. But it nearly killed my laptop this week.

I got pfished.

No, there was no spicy rum involved and not a rod or fly to be seen.  First I received an exciting invite from one of my friends to ‘click here to see me in costume’ . Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good fancy dress and so I was hooked.

I clicked which took me to a you tube link. Nothing at all untoward about that and so I clicked again. Not much happened and so I mumbled a little and thought it was a poor link.

My computer slowly stopped responding and I realised I had a problem.  Then other people started to post messages warning about these Bebo messages.

argh.  it was a worm.

Thankfully I managed to use my anti-virus and get it out.  whew.

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