Today we went for a walk with the dogs to the Ness Islands. It is one of our favourites. (see dog walks)

The river is quite high today and the islands were a little flooded. The littlest dog was very confused and kept trying to run through the trees only to grind to a halt belly deep in cold water.

The ducks floating provocatively on what should be land added to her frustration.  It was great. I am sore with laughing.

We walked to the Bught park and collected treasure. Well conkers really. I couldn’t believe there were so many.

When I was young, you had to be up early to get conkers. Every kid was out to get the best one and it was rare to see them on the ground. It has left me with a conker hoarding impulse. To me seeing all those conkers was like striking gold.

I scooped them up filling my pockets and feeling wonderful. Their shiny, smooth surfaces slipping around when I plunged my hand into my pocket, it was delightful. I felt rich.

I couldn’t believe my luck and then my partner pointed out that Children don’t collect them or play conkers anymore. They have no value.

Not true, I love them.

Funny what childhood leaves you.


2 thoughts on “Conkers!

  1. We also used to collect a lot of concers and make little figures and animal joining them with matchsticks. I made them with my older daughter too,when she was little, she was asking a week ago where we could get them here… Thanks for the tip!
    (Btw, I can’t see your tutorial, where did you post it?)

  2. hi,
    Wow. I love that you are into conkers too. My friend from Poland had never seen them and so I thought they might be a very British thing.
    The tutorial is in the pages section, at the bottom. 3d feltmaking – a usable vessel.

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