Back to reality

I am back. I have been really busy doing a 9-5, well it would have been great if it had been just that, but…

So now I am cutting the Fat Face back to part time. I am heading to the studio tomorrow and have butterflies just thinking about it. YIPPEE.

I feel the need to start back at the start. I intend to make loads of scarves. I fancy a week of scarf making. I know what I am like and so that probably means hats and gloves to. But i want to play and scarves are great for quick fibre sketches to free up creativity without getting to caught up in design.

I love contemporary felt and that is exactly what I am going to do. Clean, crisp modern and even a little minimalist.

That said I love love love other peoples earthy felts or felt which is naive. Work that is rich with colour and texture or even casual felt. You know – where you can see it was put together casually with no formal planning which makes it free and vibrant. I think I love it as I am not confident doing it. I am a planner. Everything has a place and is in its place.

I also want to play with my rolling machine. It works wonderfully now and deserves to be busy.

I can’t wait to post pictures of my efforts.

I am so excited.

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