Missing in action….

I can not appologies enough for my absence/silence.

I haven’t written as I haven’t created.

I really wanted my blog to be about craft and not the moans and groans of my everyday life, so there has been little to write.

It has been a dark couple of months. There has been family and friends tragedy.

I have been working part-time in Fatface. It was originally just supposed to be ‘in between ‘ art, but being me I find it hard not to comit 100% to anything I do and it as taken over.  I was feeling it was a means to an end ( money for the mortgage and in the Bulgaria pot) But I have almost completely stopped being creative.

So as you will all understand I am finding it hard to ‘get a grip’.

So I thought that by writting it out and starting to blog I might shake off my artistic blues and get back to my studio.


4 thoughts on “Missing in action….

  1. Thank you Caroline. I have kicked my on behind and got a grip. Up and at it.

    I am putting up posters this week calling for artists interested in the ‘marketing salon’ So I have to get my focus back.

  2. Throw yourself into making, creating…anything! It works wonders for shaking off these blues. Sorry to hear that it has been tough.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    All the best


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