Felt rolling machine – Again.

We finally managed to get the new motor into my felt rolling machine. Not that it was hard or time consuming, just that I didn’t feel comfortable doing it myself and had to wait until some one else could.

I shouldn’t have worried as it was very straight forward.

The difference was unbelievable. Before the new motor I could talk to anyone in the room or hear the radio. It clunked on and made such a din.

The thought of using it around students without ear protection made me cringe. Now it has a mellow burr. Nothing much at all.

The old motor must have got knocked in transit as it had been vibrating of the motor cover enough to have made a lot of rubbing dust inside. Yippee.

So watch this space for news on how well it works. I haven’t had time to try it yet as I have been working part time in Fat Face and making my Bella tent. Oh and doing my Avon and temp work with a catering company – which I will also blog about soon. Phew.


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