The yurt is off

The yurt is off.

We have had the worst time with the mill and when we received the wood it was all wrong. They can’t give us replacements until next Tuesday which is way to late. We are already cutting it fine because of their delays and put offs.

So we thought we would whip up a tee pee instead. I searched a couple of sites and stumbled upon inquiry . Then I read ’12 x 14 foot poles’. Gosh that is a lot of pole. I want something simple. I then saw he had designed a four pole tent, but there were no instructions.

Well I am nothing if not practical and so I have set too and designed my own. I have water proof camouflage canvas and I can get everything else from a DIY store. So the mill can keep its wood.

I think it will work out £100 cheaper too.

Watch this space……………….

One thought on “The yurt is off

  1. Good for you!
    Good luck with the DIY approach, sometimes it’s just so frustrating waiting on other people!
    We are going to belladrum too, on the Friday with the kids. Not camping though.
    The sound of music sing along sounds FAB!

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