Bathbombs and kids craft packs

Today was Elgin day. This was the second of two sessions of their ‘Messy Play’ outreach and have enjoyed both . I wrote about last week and shrinky dink rings. I love shrink plastic. Well this week I had to make a take away bag containing three different crafts to give out and tutor bath bombs.

We had evaluation sheets from last weeks session and I kept them in mind as I thought of ideas and then made them up. The evaluations were very helpful.

I wanted the crafts to be something accessible to anyone no matter their budget or number of children or access to materials. I wanted to try to cover all ages below school age and I wanted the project to be easy to follow with great results – even if a little misshaped.

It was also important that the parent was involved in the craft play.

What would you do?

I started by thinking about readily available materials. Not everyone has access to the Internet or even a good craft shop. I went looking in supermarkets, chemists, toy shops and pound shop etc. In fact I was just looking at everything.

Whilst in the toy shops I was shocked at how much some of their craft items are, especially when you see the quality and poultry amount in each pack. If you have 3 kids you would have to spend some serious money for them to be free to express themselves.

I then went through the things I know and already teach, things I did with my son, looked at books, Internet etc, then finally thought about the materials I had seen and what they might make.

I settled on – No mess painting –

  • Poster paint in two zip seal bags, cost per child 32p. Initial outlay 3x £1.00 for red, yellow and Blue poster paint from Early learning , £1.35 for @ bags from Morrison’s.

– Soap in a sweater

  • Wool tops around a soap, cost per child 22p. Initial outlay wool tops 35g @1.00 from craft shops and a bar of soap @ 15p from the supermarket.

– Fimo pens

  • Stick pen wrapped in polymer clay, cost per child 49p. Initial outlay 4 colours of fimo 6.40 from a toy shop and 10 stick pens 99p from W H Smith.

No mess painting is for very small children, but older ones enjoy having a go. The soap in a jacket is ok for about 2 up if helped by a parent and the fimo pen is for older kids.

I was pleased with the results and took them to be given out today and forgot to add the pen shape stencil. They were sitting waiting when I returned home. grrrrrrrr.

Bath bombs. They are so easy and so much fun. Also very cheap to make and again easily accessable ingredients.


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