Shrink plastic rings

I often take workshops out with my studio. This week I was in Elgin and I taught shrinkydink rings. It was so much fun. The children were amazed watching the plastic wrinkle and contort. Then when it was tiny they were delighted.

Here is one I made

There is a great tutorial at planetjune . I find placing the pre-shrunk ring on a strip of tin foil to shrink, then using it to roll up the ring around the rod speeds up the process and makes it easy.

I took a tiny oven (which was amazing). I carried it in my trusty ikea granny trolly on the bus and set it up ‘on location’. Again the kids were tickled pink. It has a glass door and so when on a table it is child eye height. The delighted in watching their master pieces shrink.

One child said ‘ we made an actual wearable ring’ I though it was brilliant to show them they had the ability to create usable ‘real’ items.

This is a great activity for kids. The plastic is very cheap and you can use normal pencils and stamps. I used Karisma coloured pencils as they are so pigment rich. I wouldn’t expect any pupil to work with materials I am not happy to use and it is the same for the children I teach.

Why don’t you have a go………..its frivolous fun.

2 thoughts on “Shrink plastic rings

  1. These are fantastic, reminds me of when we used to shrink crisp packets (before they were foil wrapped). No wonder the kids loved making them.

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