Play day with Caroline

What a day.

I am so so lucky to have connected with Caroline and Monika. I was tag surfing one day and found Monika through her blog on Highland feltmakers group. Through that I got in contact with Caroline. She creates such wonderful illustrations and embroidery I just couldn’t resist turning one into felt. They lend themselves perfectly to the upside down technique.

So I contacted her to get permission and even better, we arranged a play day for her to learn the technique for herself.

So back to today:-

I had enlarged and printed two of her illustrations and so we chose one each and got stuck in.

Caroline chose to stay true to her original design and used a monochrome colour scheme. She added a little silk and used the fibres like paint to build a brilliant piece which captured the movement and naivety of her original painting perfectly. IT IS AMAZING. I love it and hope she does too.

You can view the origanal illustration here and my felt Isn’t it fun?

I layered colours and used thin strings of silk which don’t come out to well on the photo, but mimic the lovely brush strokes by Caroline.

I wanted to stay with a complimentary colour scheme and chose blue through purple. because I find the picture fun yet a little melancholy. I didn’t ask what it represented for Caroline as I wanted to capture how it made me feel.

I see a new dog replacing an old dog who has gone to doggy heaven and it beeing OK. I wonder what that says about me?

The illustration is so honest and linear. I didn’t want to change any of that.

I used silk to imitate the brush strokes in the background and a variegated batt cut on the cross to fill in the grounded dog. It was great fun.

The day passed very quickly, Caroline has a fantastic outlook on life and it was over to soon.


One thought on “Play day with Caroline

  1. How lovely to see the finished doggies! and to hear you’re lovely interpretation of the picture. I had such a lovely day felting with you!
    I’m sorry to have missed the get together on Thursday, let me know when the next on is, I’m always up for a good old crafty chin wag.

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