Big Beautiful Buttons

So the buttons I mentioned…………..

I have never seen anything like them. They are big and chunky, feeling lovely in your hand. Yet not heavy enough to drag fabric down on a garment. These are only two examples. There were a myriad of styles. Small square and round ones in every colour you can imagine, shiny or mat, glitter, glaze or graphic. The polished ones feel like porcelain and have a mat, velvety feel.

I will measure them tomorrow- sorry.

Every one is hand made.

One is a teal colour with silver detail and the other is grey with a sparkling rainbow squiggled over it.

Click on them for a closer look. They are really well made and perfectly balanced.

They are made in the highlands by McAnaraks. I don’t know how well you can see them, but they are made of resin. They sparkle and shine.

I have a phone number, but no website as yet, although Etsy is here. So if you want them get in touch and I will give you the number.

I think they would work wonderfully as part of jewellery as well as on bags and clothing. I can’t wait to wear mine.


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