I don’t think I realised how quickly time passes until I started this blog. I initially thought I would be blogging every other day………………..lol.

I would love to. It is so relaxing and cathartic, yet I am not.

I could list a whole bunch of excuses and even state illness, but it is routine or the lack of it that is getting in the way.

I have been working a lot outside the studio and it puts my home life and work life into a spin. I enjoy it very much, but I find the prep time and travel eating into everything else.

I heard about the book ‘I would rather be in the studio’ from Caroline and it is bringing my lack of routine to my attention.

I think I need to really look at how I am working. I generally feel so lucky to be working that I am here, there and everywhere. Mean while I am never home and rarely work on anything for myself.

I am not complaining as I love it, but perhaps I am not doing my best.

So today I am going to muse time and particularly my time management. I think I need more structure and therefore need to design some kind of routine.

I have an open craft/art meet at my studio tonight which I will talk blog about tomorrow. Oh and my workshop at Milton and I met a wonderful artist at the weekend who makes clothes and the most AMAZING buttons.


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