Feltmaking workshop at Milton

I mentioned this some time ago. I was asked to give a workshop at Milton community woodland trust . It is an amazing place doing stella work for the community.

They hold all sorts of workshops including fire-craft- very popular. There is a walk down to the firth that is a little bit of heaven, especially with dogs.

The people are rich with knowledge. Christel was warm and open, she genuinely cared about the community, the trust and the youth in her area. She had a compassion for her community and sense of fun which made her a pleasure to be with.

The location is beautiful

It was such a treat working here. The day was warm with a couple of showers, but nothing to get you wet.

The day was with kids and they made felted soaps, and then more felted soaps and then more. It was great.

We worked outside in the workshop. The buildings are beautiful. Hand made mega log cabin. They smelt good too.

This scarf was made by one of the kids. It is fun and bright. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

We boiled the water on the stove and this meant I could reheat the waste water – much better than throwing it away. They had a dry loo. Everyone who went out it came back enthusing about it. Finally when the tea-o-meter was too much I checked it out- wow.

You will have to go there to see it.


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