Getting to know my beast

I have been in communication with Kneek which has been wonderful. She also has a felt rolling machine, but bigger than mine.

We were both struggling to get to grips with our machines and she has been sending me great info on her experiments.

I now use a technique which is a combination of kneeks findings and advice from Jenne.

  1. I use a long piece of normal stationary bubble wrap. This seems to distribute the friction more evenly. The buble wrap doesn’t last so long though.
  2. Wrap a damp towel around the roll. This gives it weight and definitely more traction.
  3. Leave the top roller up a little. Just so you can see through to the other side, no more or the beast spits the roll out. The roll bumps of the upper roller felting the piece quicker.
  4. Be patient. I don’t keep opening it every few minutes now as a watched kettle never boils. I leave it for 10 minutes for the first roll.
  5. When rolling up your piece in the bubble wrap spray with very very hot water and soap for about 30cm in front of the roll. Roll that area and repeat. This stops the end furthest from the rolling end cooling down while laying open.

I have not had a full day to concentrate on it yet. But I am feeling much more positive about it. I can’t thank kneek and jenne enough.


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