Big felt hangings

I am working on two felt wall hangings for a school, a large ‘stain glass like’ installation and a silk piece. The are quite big.  The felt layout size of one is 3m x 3.5m which makes it cumbersome, but great fun.

The school is the most multi-racial in Scotland and it was started in the year of culture, so the pupils worked on designs to reflect this. The first felt uses all the flags related to the pupils home countries and their idea of culture. It was so, so much fun discussing culture with them.

Children have a wacky take on things at times and often unexpected comprehension.

The second felt is the school surrounded in children. They worked very hard on it, some giving up their lunch hour. We made the huge felts and rolled them like carpets. We then kicked and rolled them around the playground. It must have been the strangest sight. The boys were in heaven and I had comments like – ‘now this is my kind of art’

I would love to have done more, but our time was so limited. I can’t wait to see them hanging up.

Photos to follow.


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