The best laid plans off……

Today I managed to miss a bus and a train.

I often work in Elgin giving art sessions to groups through the Moray council. ( I am very lucky)

I love doing them. The women I work with are fantastic and very creative, just lacking confidence in their own abilities.

So today I was off to Elgin to teach ceramic painting and got up at 6am. I am still not 100% over the sniffles and so wanted to give myself plenty of time. I really couldn’t face rushing with my head pounding. I left the house at 7am to catch a bus 10 minutes away from my house which was due to depart at 7.45. I had to collect my stuff from the studio, which is usually not a problem, but there are road works and it took a little while to get in.

I was then feeling rushed. I raced to the bus station but my bus was gone. I went to the train station and bought a ticket for the next train. 8.42 am. I checked the time on the wall as I entered the cafe and got a cup of tea. I rang my partner to moan about missing the bus and asked the time. He didn’t know and so I checked my phone at the end of the call as I went out for a little air. At 8.30 I decided to see if the train was in and sit on it till it departed. I ambled in feeling relaxed and organised to hear the whistle blow…………..I ran straight under the cordon as it pulled away. I was so angry as I checked my phone, I stomped towards a guard and was just about to complain when I noticed the clock on the wall. My phone was out by 14 minutes. I rushed back to the bus station and to my relief there was a bus at 9.05- but would it get me in on time?

I asked the incredibly young man at the desk what time it got in – 1.04 for a 45 minute journey. I asked him to check again and he briskly told me it ‘went all over’.

I rang my partner (who is still nursing his Rockness head and he went to get the van. It wouldn’t start!!!!!!!

We borrowed a car ( after I stood, bubbling like a child at the edge of our very busy main road) and he got me there on time. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

In my haste I had left the most important thing at my studio, the ceramics.   Sometimes it just all goes wrong.

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