Everyone I know has gone to Rockness.

Yesterday I was very jealous, the sun was shining and I could here the bass IN MY APARTMENT! As messages detailing what I was missing out on flooded in, I retreated to my lovely studio to get on with the work in hand.  Then I was hit with the worst thing summer brings – hay-fever. I took my antihistaminetablet and blew my nose. I blew my nose again. I blew my nose until it was red as Rudolf. Eventually I couldn’t work anymore and went home for a hot bath and bed.

There was no chance of bed as my dogs were to delighted at my return and I felt I should take them to enjoy the day. The walk was wonderful (sneazy).

Anyway I then spent the evening and this morning cruising the web. I don’t get much time for it just now. I looked around wordpress, flikr and etsy. There is so much talent out there.

And how lucky are we to have these sites!!

Today I am still sneazy, so perhaps my self diagnosis is wrong and I have a sniffle. I am off to the studio anyway as I have so much to do.

The texts are still arriving with ‘OMG you should so be here – its great)  or ‘ Wish you were here , having a brilliant time’  but today I know it was good not to go as being there with a sniffle would have been a waste. My throbbing head would be double!

The excitment of going to the studio makes all well.



One thought on “Blah

  1. Oh, poor you! Even we, here in Inchess , heard the music. Nothing for me, too loud and packed with so many people.
    Just yesterday I was talking to my husband wondering how people with allergies manage to naturally dye and felt (he helped me with carding for couple of minutes and then retreated to bed with eye drops and hankies…) Hope you recover soon. The carders are great! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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