Feltcrafts are brilliant

I emailed Feltcrafts last night. I was feeling frustrated as a couple of people had asked me about it and I didn’t want to lie.

 It has been over heating, which I thought was a couple of different things and so tried – not leaving it on long (5 mins max) not putting the top roller down, leaving the window open, but still it cut out. As I have been so busy I really haven’t stressed to much about it, but then I was asked how it was going and felt I couldn’t lie.

This made me a little frustrated as I have been talking about it for a while and felt a little embarrassed having spent £1200.

Anyway I emailed and they couldn’t have been quicker in their reply and solution.  It is a faulty motor- which is rare, but happens. ( how frustrating for them that it happens to the one sent all the way to Scotland) They were so helpful and I will have the new motor in a week. That is service.

Other than the cutting out I am finding it brilliant now. I can lay out the pieces and put them on to roll, then go straight on to the next piece. ( I purchased another bit of the pool stuff and will probably get a couple more) This gives the freedom to just create without juggling or having to carefully transfer.



One thought on “Feltcrafts are brilliant

  1. WOW, what a RELIEF!!! I am soo happy to hear that it is just motor!, not the machine itself! And thanks for letting us know – just in case we think of buying one in the future! ox

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