Finished felt sign no1

I struggled again today with my felt rolling machine. I was continuing work on the signs for the studio stairwell and I think I have made a little headway.

I used hot water today and a little more soap. I also put the top roller down until it just touched the pool roll, which seemed to work a lot better. This was actually a mistake as I had a phone call and forgot how far I had put it down. But it worked. I thought without the top roller down it would fly out – wow.

The first sign is finished and ready to hang. I am going to use corn flour silk paper to make the second and so made a couple of bits of silk paper to dry over night

I can’t wait to cut them up to make the felt.

I need a sign for the outside of the building. There are a lot of drunks around at night as it is so central, which means it needs to be high up or vandal proof. I am stuck. I would like to make it myself rather than buy one. Any suggestions? I would also like to have a wall mounted case at street level to show some work in. I will have to think hard and look at what other people have done. I know there are estate agents that have them. But that will have to wait for another day.

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