Mad as a hatter workshop with the S,W & D

I have had such a good day. Kev gave me a lift through to Dingwall where the W, S & Dyers meet. As always we are cutting it fine. I hate being late and if I don’t have enough time to set up and drink a cup of tea – Then I’m late.

The weather was much cooler, a relief as the rooms at the community centre get very hot even in winter.

I showed everyone how to make a basic pattern for hat making. there is a lot of measuring and % which can throw people and the class was big, both in attendance and room size, so they did well to pick it up as quickly as they did.

They then designed there desired style of hat and to my delight there were several quirky choices.

Laying out and wetting down and then the finished hat. The pegs are just to hold the folds in place.

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