Distractions distractions

Well as you can guess by the title I didn’t get to the studio or make my sample hats yesterday.  The weather was glorious ( which is really unusual for Inverness) so you might think I chose to enjoy the amazing weather while I could?

No.  I have to get my marketing materials out for my May/june workshops and so spent the day at the computer.  May/june leaflet

This is my finished leaflet. I chose to go with clean and uncluttered. I used pearlised paper which looks wonderful, but the ink can’t soak in and so I had to lay them all out to dry. So time consuming, but I love the end result.

Today is another scorcher. I will take the dogs for a walk and then to the studio.

I forgot – I can’t believe that I forgot to mention this………………………………

MY ROLLING MACHINE CAME.   It arrived in a big crate and is waiting to go to the studio in the back of our van. 


One thought on “Distractions distractions

  1. Joni, I enjoyed reading your posts and feel with you re putting up posters and the “special” postage to The Highlands. As for the posters what if you try community centers? And what about places like Hobby Haven, Creations? You know, places where people go daily. Libraries, hospitals…even schools.

    You must be really happy to have your own stuido – and the rolling machine!!! Wow! Enjoy all of it! (and the good weather as well – I feel completely distracted from any of my craft plans, I can only think of gardening and the like.. :), but I know that it won´t take long till the rain comes again.

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