I will post picture ( when I get to grips with how)

My studio is great. It is only 5m x 5m but its big enough and most importantly all the space is mine. I don’t have to put it all away.  I painted everything white as once the fleece is out it is a colour riot also it makes it so peachful.

The light is good and it is quiet without having to worry when I do want to turn up the radio.

It is in the centre of Inverness, beside great cafes and a small supermarket. It couldn’t be better ( well other than the cute, artsy dream I had previously) There is parking relatively close and my neighbours are barely there.

My partner gave me a studio warming gift of a DAB radio which I adore. Radio four is my best mate now.

I had to find tables. So?  Well if you live in the highlands you will know that we have an extra tax for just living here- extra post costs. It makes me crazy and infact I could write a whole blog just on this. If I send an item to London it might cost me say £10, yet if someone in London sends me an item they will add an extra amount which can be DOUBLE the original cost on top!!! Yet everytime I check there is exactly the same distance between Inverness and London as London and Inverness. It is outragous.

Sorry. Got a grip.

The tables needed to be folding and waterproof. They are quite pricy and so I had to look around. Prices ranged from £70 to £120. I needed four and so hoped to find them cheaper. I eventually got four from one place on ebay and in Glasgow so no highlander posttax.  I got all for and post for under £100. I was delighted.

So my studio is looking great.


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