Felt and me

My favourite thing.

I could read about felt, look at other peoples felt, talk about felt and teach felt until the sheep come home.

I eat, sleep, breathe felt.

Don’t get me wrong I love all arts and crafts. I practice a diverse array of arts and crafts. Stain glass making, Fimo, batik and silk painting, ceramics, knitting and on and on….

But I am totally addicted to Felting. Everything about it works for me. Its fast, you get results straight away. I need that.

My name is Joni Phippin and I am a felt addict.


2 thoughts on “Felt and me

  1. Joni, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Nice meeting you on-line before I do in Dingwall. Yes, we had a nice time and fingers crossed hope to come regularly.
    I will follow your felt adventures here! and am happy for you to find a place to work, it must be great! Good luck and see you at the end of the month. Monika

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